[Stories] Aurora tenebris. Part one
Publié le 21/08/2019 à 06h59

August 20, 2019, is the birthday of Riley, the future leader of Dawn's Children faction. Today, on this birthday, we want to talk about Riley a little more.A drop of water hit the surface of the aluminium gutter every 84 seconds. The periodic sound did not irk anyone of those present — the scientists gathered in the greenhouse under Riley's leadership have long lost their sensitivity to ordinary human stimuli.The even light of ultraviolet lamps tried in vain to awaken at least a semblance of life in thin sprouts. Neither the real sun nor the local electric one was able to turn the seeds into healthy plants that could bear fruit in the new conditions. Neither experiments with radioactive salts, nor special fertilizers, nor modifications of the genome helped at all. Lifeless Wasteland killed the shoots time after time, but the determination of Dawn's Children was impossible to shake.“This attempt also failed, colleagues, — one of the scientists said, pointing out the frail sprouts.— Continue with your work. Sooner or later, we will succeed. — Riley's shapeless voice, quietly sounding through the distortion of the microphone, inspired confidence.You can read the full story HERE[]Join the official Crossout community and subscribe to Targem developer page on Steam!