[Stories] Aurora tenebris. Part two
Publié le 27/08/2019 à 12h08

Riley's voice was the first to break the silence that hung in the cabin, a viscous beast dripping from furniture and equipment.— How long?Aristaeus's microphone boomed, twisting the grim grin.— About six months, maybe, give or take a week.— Why didn't you tell me sooner?Aristaeus hesitated to answer.— I hoped I was wrong. A few days before the Lunatics had attacked the observation post, and I blamed it on stress and lack of sleep.— We never hope, Aristaeus. We assess the situation and realize the consequences!...— I know, — the worn jumpsuit grinned again, rubbing his wrists. — But even if I said earlier, nothing would have changed.You can read the rest of the story HERE[]Join the official Crossout community and subscribe to Targem developer page on Steam!