[News] Crossout Calendar — September
Publié le 28/08/2019 à 10h53

Hello there, survivors!Did you miss calendars with girls? And here they are! Summer is gone, and now they will warm us with their beauty.In the meantime, we are returning from vacations just to jump straight into another adventure! The next-generation all-terrain vehicle 0919 Atlas MK IV will drop us into the not-so-secret expedition of Dawn's Children. This month, our film crew plans to explore the faraway regions of the Wasteland with Riley. And we're not afraid of any dangers in such a reliable and powerful all-terrain vehicle. (Not afraid at all, right?)But we're not the only ones who hurried to the Valley after the end of summer. The gloomy Hyde, who kept his silence for a long time, threatens to return in the most mystical month of the year — October. We are ready to meet his coffin car in the next issue and grab all the values that we have time to find during the September expedition. Get ready. Go!You can download September's Crossout calendar from the project's official website in the “Wallpapers”[] section.Join the official Crossout community and subscribe to Targem developer page on Steam!