[Stories] Rocket
Publié le 04/09/2019 à 12h16

Access Level: Normal.Excerpt from the story of the conversation between Explorer Stetson and Rocket, an engineer for Dawn's Children, one of those who developed protective suits for the faction.That day I first visited the dwellings of the Dawn's Children — and experienced mixed feelings. Perhaps it was naive, but I expected to see a high-tech shelter with a bunch of gadgets. Instead, I saw a small room with a computer terminal, a work desk with books and a bed.Most of all I was amazed by one detail. Along the wall was a shelf with models of humanoid robots, mecha. They were of different shapes and colours, and they were clearly handled with great care.I guess I looked at them for too long because Rocket laughed.— Did not expect this? — She asked.I nodded. Rocket motioned for me to sit down and sank into a chair. Her suit was less mobile than the new models. They told me about this.You can read the rest of the story HERE[]Join the official Crossout community and subscribe to Targem developer page on Steam!